Mobile Development

The mobile innovative team

We hire the best people. Working together in co-located teams, we constantly learn from and challenge each other. Our teams stay lean and rapidly deploy customized solutions for each client. We assign seasoned Principals to every project to ensure personal growth and code quality, and we offer every developer the opportunity to attend one educational conference a year. The result: the lowest developer churn in the industry, and the best delivered mobile applications.

Technologies used

Software development kits:
iOS SDK, Android SDK, Java, Kotlin, C#, Xamarin

Development tools:
SQLite, Core Data, Lucene, Firebase, API

Benefits of mobie application development with us

Multiple platforms

Choose between the platform of your business needs, or maybe target all of them? We are here to deliver


With the best hired people, (choosing from more than 80 applicants for every software development position) we can guarantee you a quality development team behind your product


We not only build, we speak passion as well. We understand the importance behind innovating the success it leads to

Fast & effective development

Our Scrum based strategy delivers both fast and reliable software that meets every clients needs

Qualified team

Our team is based on talent, and the atmosphere to both develop, think and love what we do everyday

By putting our design and development talents to work we build products that engage users to help you achieve your business objectives.